Album Of The Year 2020 – Jury Voting Results

The Results

The jury votes for “The Album Of The Year 2020” at Reggae Steady Ska are in.

And the winner is … “The Victory” by Alpheus (Liquidator Music)

Congratulations go out to Alpheus, his producer Roberto Sanchez and Toni from Liquidator Music for making this gem of an album happen.

Let’s also note: All in all, more than 40 different albums have received at least one jury vote, which means, lots of much appreciated quality albums have been released in 2020.

Shoutouts to all the artists and labels for keeping them coming.

Disclaimer: There had been a mix up with one jury vote, which led to a later change in places between 4 and 8.

We want to thank the jurors for taking the time to do this. Please make sure to go to the jurors’ pages that are linked under their names. Their job was just to vote their five favourites. But they did so much more, many writing lovely comments.

Thanks to Charles Benoit, Michal Antoni Budzik, Peter Clemm, Darren Drouin, Mattie Eaton, Daniel Flores, Kevin Flowerdew, Grand Yoni, Jessica Lipsky, Jonathan Madariga Moncada, Magdalena Miszewska, Nenad Pekez, Martin Pressling, Sergio Rallo, Denis Romani, Siggi Seidel,  Marc Wasserman, Florian Weinknecht, Paul Willo.

This is how we counted the jurors’ votes: Each no 1 received 5 points, no 2 received 4 points, and so on.

Cheers to everyone for keeping on keeping on in a year like no other. Please never stop supporting the scene.

Peace and love!

Greg & Joachim

1 Alpheus – The Victory (Liquidator) (27)
2 Mango Wood –  Stomp You Down (Liquidator) (20)
3 Bad Operation – Bad Operation (Community Rec & Bad Time Rec) (15)
4 Victor Rice – Drink (Easy Star Records) (13)

5 Cosmic Shuffling – Magic Rocket Ship (Fruits Records) (12)
5 Jah Jazz Orchestra – Introducing … (Brixton Records)(12)
5 Mungo’s Hifi – Soul Radio (Scotch Bonnet Records) (12)
8 Top Shotta Band – Spread Love (Liquidator Music) (11)
8 Ska Jazz Messengers – Introspección (Liquidator Music)(11)

The Jury

A – Z | Click on name to see detailed voting.

Charles Benoit
author at Reggae Steady Ska, saxofonist at Some Ska Band

Michal Antoni Budzik
of Rude Maker online magazine: (in Polish and English)

Peter Clemm
of Freedom Sounds Festival

Mattie Eaton
Host of the Talk The Ska podcast

Darren Drouin
Ska activist, bassist in The Sentries (Canada)

Daniel Flores
Shacka Ruthless of Rudy Hour podcast

Kevin Flowerdew
of Do The Dog magazine

Grand Yoni
DJ at  IMPACT! Sound, Portland

Jessica Lipsky
Jessica is the author of a forthcoming book on Daptone Records and revival soul (Jawbone Press, 2021).

Jonathan Madariaga Moncada
of Skanking 105, Mexico

Magdalena Miszewska
of Rude Maker website (Poland)

Nenad Pekez
podcaster at Reggae Fever Podcast (

Martin Pressling
of Button Down Radio

Sergio Rallo
author of and singer at The Smarts

Denis Romani
of skataplá, one of the most traditional ska podcasts in Brazil

Siggi Seidel

Joachim Uerschels
founder of Reggae Steady Ska, singer songwriter at The Braces, Joe Scholes, percussionist at Los Apartamentos

Marc Wasserman
a.k.a. Marco On The Bass

Florian Weinknecht
Germany’s premiere ska activist with 100s of shows under his belt

Paul Williams a.k.a Willo
singer with The Skapones, organiser of the Specialized compilations

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