London Rockers The Howlers Team Up With Chalkpit Cassette Club For Exclusive Cassette Release

London based desert rockers, The Howlers have teamed up with Isle of Wight Indie Record Label Chalkpit Cassette Club for a limited edition physical cassette of their latest EP ‘The Sum Of Fears’. A six track release which includes the unreleased bonus track ‘Im An Animal’, the cassettes are released as an exclusive 150 copy run with each copy being hand numbered. 

Blending sunny, reverb washed psyche with the guitar-driven rhythms of classic 70s
rock, east-London trio The Howlers have gained much praise and attention across the media with a whole host of national radio play and high profile sync placements including BT Sport, SkySports, SoccerAM, Brooklyn 99 and Alex Rider.

‘The Sum Of Fears’ EP showcases some of the trios finest work, biting, organic and tight. the bands blend of modern indie with classic, Rolling Stones-esque rock capturing a charm and vibe with the simplicity yet effectiveness of their instrumentation. Spring reverb soaked, frequently fuzzy guitar lines blend with the the punching drums and driving bass to create a soundscape full of attitude with an effortless edge. The spikey, brooding delivery of the vocals tops the off the bands dark indie-rock sound with a swagger. It’s easy to see why this band have gained such great support so far with a sound that sounds as though it would sit perfectly on Radio X’s or BBC Radio 6 Music’s playlist. It’s also easy to hear how the bands somewhat vintage sound would really suit a cassette.

Speaking on the release, Silas Gregory founder of Chalkpit Cassette Club said: “We have been a huge fan
of The Howlers for sometime, a true independent band pushing for greatness. Their
sound and energy is unmatched and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them in
this limited edition version of their debit EP.” 

Speaking about the EP the band said: “Thee Sum of Our Fears is simply exactly that, music we wrote to help us understand and come to terms with all the hard times we have been through, it’s fair to say we have had more than our fair share but through it all we are still here”  

Find out more and order the cassette here –

The Sum Of Our Fears’ Cassette Tracklist: 

Lost Without You
I Don’t Love You All The Time
Never Enough

The Borderlin
The Sum Of Our Fears
I’m An Animal (BONUS TRACK)

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