Dutch Criminal Record release jangly indie hit ‘Light Up’

‘Light Up’, released via Alcopop Records, is a jangly-pop single infused with a seasoning of Dutch Criminal Record’s typically energetic summery style, whilst lyrically being highly emotive and highlighting a character that brings you joy.

The brand new single marks the band’s first release of the year since their EP ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’. The track features co-vocalist Sam Thrussell with his elegant vocals which are recognisable and distinctive, reminiscent of true musical greats such as Freddie Mercury.

The indie-surf band will be performing at The Finsbury in North London on Sunday 24th July as part of an indie all-dayer alongside Trudy and The Romance, Pynch & more – tickets are only £13.50 on DICE and can be found here!

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