Hammersmith is an event venue located in the London district with the same name. Some artists who performed there were The Who, Queen, AC/DC, Motörhead, Metallica and Scorpions. 

The new single by the SCORPIONS is not just an anthem to an iconic music venue, it is also a contemporary manifesto, showing just how much enthusiasm they still have for hard rock, the roots of their fame and original metal. “The song,” says Klaus Meine, “takes us back to a time when we played in the smallest clubs, just dreaming about being able to perform in the Temple of Rock, the Hammersmith Odeon.” The music, composed by SCORPIONS-founder Rudolf Schenker, drummer Mikkey Dee and Magnus Ax, gives singer Klaus Meine (lyrics) a great opportunity to prove that not only he can perfectly intonate the balladesque tones of the great SCORPIONS songs, but that his rock voice is incredible as well. An almost brutal start, in which the great ex-Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee is already letting off steam, followed by driving guitar sounds, opens the stage for Klaus Meine’s vocal excursion. Mixed with harmonic riffs, repeatedly interrupted by aggressive drumming, “Hammersmith” is something very special in the rock band’s brand-new repertoire. One of the highlights is when lead guitarist Matthias Jabs masterfully rocks his instrument until the song reaches its finale. As Klaus Meine sums it up: “Rocks Like Hell!”

Hammersmith” will be released as a digital single on August 12th 2022 through Universal Vertigo


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