The Panics “No More” / “I Pretend” on Shoestring

Panics Shoestring 45 No MoreThe Panics started in 1963, formed at Huguenot High School in Richmond, Virginia.

The lineup was

Jimmy Sherwood – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Bill LaRue – lead guitar and vocals
Bill Lyell – bass
John Herbig – drums

Dwyane Givens was their equipment manager.

Panics Shoestring 45 I PretendTheir only single contains two original songs by Bill Lyell and Bill Larue, the mid-tempo “I Pretend” shows some Beatles influence, and the fast-paced “No More” opens with a Lennonesque “Oh!”

It was released on Shoestring Records SHO 107 in 1965, a styrene record from the Columbia Records plant at Terre Haute, Indiana.

Clyde Atkinson of the Wild Ones and Mickey Russell of the Fugitives also went to Huguenot High. The Fugitives had a single on Shoestring.

After the Panics, Bill LaRue would form a three-piece blues band, Blue Alfred. He would have one more record that I know of as Snelson & LaRue “I’m Tired of Getting Put Down” / “Making Your Mind Up it’s Over” with David Snelson and Cynthia LaRue, recorded at Audio Communications in Richmond.

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