Kwaku Asante Soothes Your Nerves with ‘Wanderlust’ EP

Singer-songwriter Kwaku Asante releases the eleven-track EP, Wanderlust, a stellar showcase of organic music-making.

Wanderlust is a soothing collection of meditative love songs that channel the purity of R&B and neo-soul. Executively produced by HYLNU, the backdrops are gentle and bare, setting the stage for highlights such as “Scared”, “No Place to Go”, “Rhodes” and “Thinking of You”. Asante’s vocals comfortably sit in the lower register, adding the emotion required for the vulnerable songwriting in play.

Speaking on the project, Asante commented: “Wanderlust are stories based on the premise of negative reinforcement. I know what I don’t want so it should also help me find what I crave. A place of refuge a safe space where I can be myself. These songs are a collection of stories in which I am wrong for the person or it is wrong for me. Existing in a world where events constantly effect our daily experiences, a person you’re with should bring you peace and not anguish.”

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