Introducing: Annabel Gutherz – Interstellar

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one that matters. You’re the center of your partner’s universe, and they make you feel special and seen.

But when the relationship ends, that feeling disappears. You fall from their constellation and are alone again, lost amongst a sky of wandering stars.

Annabel Gutherz’s new single, Interstellar, explores the tug-of-war dynamic between emotional dualities in the reverberations of a breakup. The lyrics are compelling and incredibly meaningful. They show the raw vulnerability that comes with being hurt by someone you love.

Gutherz’s vocals sound so striking because of her approach to pitch. She doesn’t try to force her voice into a certain tone, but rather trusts that it will naturally fall into the right place. This helps her stay relaxed and maintain her powerful sound.

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