Kontravoid Reinterprets the Synthpunk Brawn of The Serfs’ “Stimuli”

It seems, at this point, Kontravoid has made a remix for most bands. How is he so prolific, but so paramount, at the same time?

The newest masked man remix is for The Serfs with their track, “Stimuli” on Primal Matter via Dream Recordings. “[Kontravoid] made something lovely from the most understated melody,” says Dakota Carlyle of The Serfs. “I’m not certain what that will mean to any audience, but I love it.” As a stalwart synthpunk song, “Stimuli” is transformed into something less aggressive: polished and bright, Kontravoid’s reimagining is full of life.

“Maybe with his reinterpretation, we will finally reach the glorious end of the stream and be able to quit our jobs and move to Los Angeles,” jokes member Dylan McCartney. Hey, anything is possible.

Listen to “Stimuli” below.

DREAMRECORDINGS · The Serfs – Stimuli (Kontravoid Remix)

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