Sorry It’s Over Reminds Listeners “You’re Not Alone, It’s All Okay”

The rock band Sorry It’s Over has a fresh song with an ultimate road trip vibe. Their song “Handkerchiefs and Handgrenades” swings with laid-back drums and a vocal tone that bleeds emotion. The song’s lyrics remind us that we “are not alone.” It’s about having a friend that has got your back. It’s about getting lost and then being found and being grateful for the journey. It’s about loving yourself and those around you. It’s about realizing that none of us are alone in our struggles and truths.

The song is complete with an incredible guitar solo that is effected with just the right amount of distortion. The production is great all the way through the songs run.

Bandmember and writer Louis Petrella has some words to share about his writing process for “Handkerchiefs and Hand Grenades.” He says:

“This was the first song I wrote for this project a few years ago and I’m pretty happy to finally get it released. I remember sitting in my room writing down “you’re not alone, it’s all okay” when in reality I was literally all alone and everything was definitely not okay. In a nutshell the song’s about just remembering that you’re not alone no matter how much you feel you are and also just the importance of self love. ”

Listen on Spotify now:

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