The Rogues “Anything You Say” on Action Records

The Rogues in the South Omaha Sun, September 9, 1965

Rogues Action 45 Anything You SayThe Rogues came from Omaha, Nebraska, and made one record in 1966, “Anything You Say” / “Summertime” on Action 100. The deadwax etching shows it was recorded and mastered at Sears Recording Studio in Omaha and pressed at Kaybank in Minneapolis.

James G. Churchill wrote “Anything You Say” published by Peter Jan.

Members on the single were:

Ed Hoke – lead guitar
Jim Churchill – drums
Joe DeRozza – lead vocals
Mike Hoke – bass
Mike Chapman – rhythm guitar

Early lineup of the Rogues in a Hospe’s ad, May 2, 1965

On May 2, 1965, Hospe’s music store on 1512 Douglas ran an ad in the Omaha World-Herald featuring an earlier lineup that included the Hoke brothers along with Bill Nassarallah and Greg Mutz. The photo shows the Rogues with some awesome equipment:

They’re Fender-equipped, and they’re great!

Bill Nassarallah, rhythm with a Fender Stratocaster Guitar and Fender Bandmaster Amplifier and Echophonic echo-chamger; Greg Mutz with a 4-piece Gretch [sic] Drum Set and Zildjian Cymbals. Eddie Hoke, leader of the group, has a Custom Guitar which he plays through his Fender Showman amp; and Mike Hoke with a Fender Jazz Bass and Fender Bassman Amp.

By September, 1965 the lineup had changed to the group that would record the 45, as the South Omaha Sun profiled the group with a photo, noting that the groups favorite bands were “‘The Kinks,’ ‘The Birds’ [sic] and ‘Them’”:

Chuck Hoke, night manager at Mickey’s No. 1, invited us to a rehearsal … of his sons’ rock ‘n roll band, “The Rogues” …

The combo held its rehearsal on a stage, complete with risers, which they built themselves in the Hoke’s recreation room. The array of mikes and amplifiers made us feel like we were in a major network studio. Vocalist Joe hugged the mike at the front of the stage and pounded out ryhthm [sic] on a tambourine while he bounced to and fro with his vocal routines. Jim, like Gary Lewis, had a mike hanging over his drum set and harmonized with Joe on many numbers. The whole group sang in unison occasionally. They bounced, rocked and shook in unison no so occasionally.

Finally came their rendition of “End of the World,” and many oldsters might view it as just that.

The group continued until 1967, with a “Combo Catch-All” article in the World-Hearld on March 3, 1967 titled “Rogues Aim for Originality, Prefer to Be Called ‘Group’”

By this time the group included a sixth member, Mike Riehle, and the article mentions that Joe Derroza was “from San Francisco”.

They play mostly in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, and get to and from these states in a painted bakery truck …

They used to have a go-go dancer but let her go because more and more combos were adding go-go girls.

The “Combo Catch-All” article mentioned other groups: the Exiles combo with Red Toll, the Ashes with own song “I Don’t Need Your Love”, and the Bushmen with Bob Geeny, Kent Bellows, Doug Fackler, Bob Drickery and Larry Minthorn. An adjacent ad for Sandy’s Escape lists various groups that weekend: the 6 Fortunes and 6 Misfits on Friday, the Wonders and 7 Legends on Saturday, and the Coachmen and 6 Impacts on Sunday.

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