Song Review: Little King- Silver Tongue.

Texan Progressive rock act Little King celebrates 25 years of their existence with a tongue-in-cheek look back over those years. ‘Silver Tongue’ is a compilation of the band’s work with references to previous album titles referenced throughout the track.
Formed in 1996 by guitarist/singer/songwriter Ryan Rosoff, he named the band after a Gaelic translation of his name. The band have released five LPs and two EPs to date. The track mixes hard rock, blues and metal with progressive elements to create a fun track.
The distinctive sound of a dirty blues riff gets the listeners on their feet. The song builds tempo with a hook-laden chorus before it transitions into more melodic grooves. The darker grooves slow the tempo before the bridge explodes into ominous vocal melodies.
‘Silver Tongue’ is a raucous slice of rock with meaty riffs and enough twists to send the listener off the scent.
Words by Anselm Anderson


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