Mellowship – “Ketuvi”

Toronto-based band Mellowship balance dark alt-rock and dreamy psychedelic soaring on their gripping new single “Ketuvi,” the first from their upcoming album. The dexterously grimy guitar pushes find hypnotic accompaniment in the jangling 12-string guitar, as confident vocals drive to a phase-friendly shift.

Wordless vocal soaring and crisp guitar jangles kickstart the track’s psych-friendly turn, exuding a weightlessly ethereal charm prior to the re-emerging alt-rock bustle thereafter. The vigor leads into an exciting conclusion, with sporadic pauses and heightening guitar tones further this stellar track’s budding momentum.

The band elaborates on the track’s creative formation:

“My phone generated a location based name for the initial demo of this song and called the voice memo “Ketuvi” I thought it sounded biblical and decided to write lyrics to describe this word. I explain Ketuvi as the feeling you have when you do or say something to someone you care about and they see you that way forever. Your image to them has been permanently blazoned by that moment and there is nothing you can do about it. You can only accept, learn and move on. The darker/mysterious riff is complimented by hypnotic drums and a feathery melody.”

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