6 Active Kpop Idols Who Are Fathers

Happy Father’s Day! K-pop idols are often seen as young and free bachelors, but now some of them have become fathers with youngsters of their own! In recent years, there has been a growing number of K-pop idols who have welcomed children into their lives. These idols come from a variety of groups, including EXO, TVXQ, BIGBANG, and iKON.
Since these idols debuted many years ago, it feels like the fans have grown up with these idols as they expierence new journies and phases of life. These idols prove that male idols can be a successful K-pop idol and a great dad at the same time. In this listicle, we will take a look at some of the K-pop idols who are fathers.


TVXQ Changmin

A father of one son born in 2022. With a massive discography, TVXQ are consistently releasing singles in Korea and Japan. They released their latest Japanese single “PARALLEL PARALLEL” on January 31. Changmin is also active as a soloist with songs like ‘Chocolate,’ ‘Fever,’ ‘Devil,’ and most recently ‘Hybrid’ with Guckkasten’s Ha Hyunwoo, released in May 2023.




He is the father to one 7-year-old son. He will be rejoining the group U-KISS to celebrate their 15th year with a comeback. The upcoming mini album “Playlist” will be released this June 28.


iKON Bobby


Bobby has one son, born in 2021. Released a solo album back in March 2023, and comeback with iKON with a full-length album called Take Off released in May 2023. iKON are currently on their world tour of the same title “Take Off,” They will wrap up the tour with a visit to the US leg this September.




EXO Chen

Chen has two daughters, born in 2020 and 2022. EXO will make their highly anticipated comeback this July 2023 with the full album EXO EXIST. The pre-release track ‘Let Me In’ was released on June 12.



FT Island Minhwan

Photo Cr. Popconth

He is the father of one son and twin daughters. FT Island’s last Korean comeback was in December 2021 with Mini Album “Lock Up.” The band recently celebrated their 16th in anniversary this June. They are actively greeting fans with performances abroad for the Zepp Tour 2023.





Taeyang is the father to one son born in 2021. On April 25, he made a solo comeback under THEBLACKLABEL with with his new 6-track EP album “Down to Earth” with the music videos for the title tracks ‘Seed‘ and Shoong!” featuring Lisa of BLACKPINK.




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