ChoCo1&2 (Jake & Anpan) Release Hypnotic Music Video For ‘Fruity Loops (515 Version)’ With Fresh Charms & Excitement

Photo Credit: ChoCo Entertainment

The highly anticipated music video for ‘Fruity Loops (515 Version)’ by ChoCo1&2 is officially out and receiving love from fans worldwide!

On June 1, 2023, at noon KST, ChoCo‘s first project unit ChoCo1&2, consisting of ChoCo Entertainment trainees Jake and TJ of ChoCo1 and Anpan of ChoCo2, released their first-ever album named “ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)” along with the music video for the song ‘Fruity Loops (515 Version)’ on their official YouTube channel and SNS.

‘Fruity Loops (515 Version)’, which is the Korean version of their original English song of the same name (you can listen to the English version in the album), is a song by the leader unit Jake and Anpan, showcasing their extraordinary skill in vocals, rap, and dance. With the background of a spaceship, the duo is seen experiencing a whole new world full of cute dolls and apples. The two trainees appear in red and blue outfits reminiscent of the Korean flag, exuding impressive energy.

You can watch the music video below Link!

Watch Choco1&2’s ‘Fruity Loops’ MV

The seamless visual storytelling keeps viewers entertained, while the combination of rap, singing, and dancing is both a visual and aural delight. The lively melody and addictive chorus are effortlessly catchy and will surely hype you up.

‘Fruity Loops (515 Version)’ is an exciting song with witty lyrics and a refreshing tropical sound. It represents the confidence of ChoCo1&2 as well as their musical originality.

You can check out “ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)” on various online music sites!

About ChoCo Entertainment

ChoCo Entertainment is an ultimate IP entertainment company geared towards leading the next Hallyu wave. With a focus on individuality, collaboration, and growth as its core values, ChoCo Entertainment encourages its artists to find their passions and follow their originality to create music that matters. The company’s unique artist incubation system is designed to foster independent and self-sufficient artists who have a thorough grasp of music and can explore their creativity without being constrained by the prevalent culture of competition in K-Pop. With the aim of creating a truly global K-Pop group, ChoCo Entertainment is preparing to debut ChoCo in the 5th generation of K-Pop.


About ChoPD

Junghun Cho, also known as ChoPD, is the founder, executive producer, and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of ChoCo Entertainment. Known as the “pioneer of digital music”, ChoPD is a multi-award-winning artist and has attained legendary status in the K-Pop industry with his trailblazing innovation and impactful contributions to the globalization of K-Hip Hop. He is the genius mastermind behind launching artists like PSY, ZICO, Dok2, and more, and now, he is producing his very own K-Pop group – ‘ChoCo’ – preparing to usher in the 5th generation of K-Pop.

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Photo Credit: ChoCo Entertainment

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