Brandon Miller Subject Of Wrongful Death Suit Over Alabama Shooting Death

Hornets rookie Brandon Miller has been named in a wrongful death suit filed by the family of a woman killed in Tuscaloosa earlier this year. The family of Jonae Harris named Miller along with Darius Miles and Michael Davis. The latter two are facing capital murder charges for Harris’ death. Miller was not criminally charged, though was accused of bringing Miles’ gun to him when asked before the shooting.

That allegation against Miller is the reason behind his inclusion in the lawsuit. Miles, Davis and Miller “knew or should have known that bringing a dangerous weapon to a dispute and discharging said weapon would likely result in harm,” the lawsuit alleges. Additionally, the complaint states that “as a direct or proximate consequence of the negligence or wantonness of each of the defendants,” Harris suffered fatal injuries. Harris’ family is seeking testimony from all three men.

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Stephen A. Smith Defends ESPN Colleague Asking About Brandon Miller At Draft

The family of the woman killed near UA’s campus (Jonae Harris) are filing a federal wrongful death lawsuit against Darius Miles, Michael Davis, and Brandon Miller.

“They would like to hear testimony from all three young men involved on what they did.”

— Israel (@iohandles) October 20, 2023

Elsewhere, Stephen A. Smith spoke out about the Brandon Miller case in his own way earlier this year. Smith defended his ESPN colleague Malika Andrews after she faced criticism for asking whether Miller’s involvement in the case could affect his draft position. “She’s getting crucified during the Draft because… Brandon Miller…bringing up somebody’s past. She had an obligation to ask those questions. She did her job. If she doesn’t do her job, she’s off the air.” Stephen A. Smith said in an August podcast appearance.

The incident highlighted how fickle sports fans can be. People on social media called Andrews a bitch and a roach and said that she was ruining “Miller’s special night”. However, she was literally doing her job. “How does this factor in, if at all, into how teams are evaluating him?” is a great way to ask this question. Why? Because it includes a clause to allow someone to literally respond, “I think there will be minimal impact on his evaluation.” Furthermore, Miller still went #2 overall in the draft. Clearly, this was a non-issue for teams. It just seems that people are mad that Andrews dared to ask the tough questions.

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