Kai Cenat Does “Spiderman” Skit With Zendaya Lookalike: Watch

Kai Cenat brought a special guest onto a recent stream – a lookalike of actress Zendaya. His audience went wild as the woman looked very much like the Marvel star. Furthermore, Cenat had a little fun with the woman, dressing up in a Spiderman costume and re-enacting some movie scenes and a few viral moments that Zendaya has been involved in.

While the woman was very convincing, some people online made an interesting point. “She look like rue lmao not zendaya if that makes sense,” one person wrote on Instagram in what was a fairly common sentiment. The perspective refers to the notion that woman is embodying Zendaya’s Euphoria character as opposed to the actress herself.

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Kai Cenat Reacts To GloRilla Blocking Him

Elsewhere, Cenat was shocked to learn that he had picked up another high-profile block. Cenat learned on stream that GloRilla had blocked him on social media following his especially harsh critique of her latest single, “Cha Cha Cha”. While the song has earned a fairly mixed reaction, Cenat was especially harsh. He claimed to have felt betrayed by the release and proceeded to extensively trash the song and its music video. Honestly, it’s unsurprising that GloRilla blocked him given how hard he went in on her new track.

However, it is just the second musical star to block Cenat in the last few months. In a previous stream, Cenat learned that SZA had blocked him. However, this one wasn’t over a musical critique. Instead, the singer appeared to have blocked the streamer after he tried to shoot his shot in her DMs. Cenat appeared to be pretty heartbroken by that one, having previously expressed a crush on SZA and lamenting that he had been working to get her on stream. It just seems as though Cenat, despite his popularity, has a hard time staying on the good side of the people he looks up to.

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