Scott Disick’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Calls Him Out For Dating Preferences

Scott Disick was thoroughly roasted on the most recent episode of The Kardashians. While discussing Disick’s dating life, Khloé asked his 11-year-old daughter Penelope what qualities they should look for in a woman for Disick. “Older. Older than what he’s used to,” the 11-year-old said sharply. After being told that the 40-year-old Disick was thinking about someone in their 20s, Penelope was horrified. “No! 20s? You’re 40. You’re not gonna date someone 19,” she added.

Penelope is right on the money about what her dad is used to. His previous partners include Sofia Richie (22 at the time of their 2020 breakup) and Amelia Hamlin (20 at the time of their 2021 breakup). However, he did go marginally older in his last confirmed relationship. Rebecca Donaldson was 28 at the time of their June 2022 breakup.

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Scott Disick Tries To Hook Up With Khloé Kardashian

Furthermore, Disick has not been doing himself any favors. After complaining about how residual back pain from a 2022 car crash had killed his sex life, he tried to shoot his shot with Khloé, perhaps the Kardashian he is closest with. After a doctor’s appointment, Disick awkwardly tried to get with Khloé as a birthday gift to himself. “On my 40th birthday, or something maybe? Me and you?“. However, Kardashian was quick to shoot him down. “You might have bumped your head as well. Maybe you need a brain surgery,” she shot back.

It’s been a rough one for Khloé in general over the last couple episodes of the show. An episode from the end of September had an ex also shooting his shot with her. Tristan Thompson blindsided Kardashian with an impromptu declaration that he still cares deeply about her. “I’ve done so many wrong things, why [did I] put you through that? You’re my person.” Kardashian didn’t immediately respond to the comment and still looked stunned when a producer how she felt about what Thompson said.

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