G Herbo Gets New Veneers Before Five-Year Prison Sentence

G Herbo will soon have to go to jail to serve his five-year sentence for wire fraud, which is a disheartening development. Still, it looks like he wants to appear fresh and bright behind bars, which is why he treated himself to a little makeover. Moreover, the rapper recently shared a video of him going to a dental office to get new veneers ahead of his prison time. It’s quite the short clip, with him and the doctor in charge of the procedure smiling for the camera right before they got to work. Overall, it seems like it went well for the Chicago MC, and he’ll have new pearly whites for his stay.

Furthermore, it’s still unclear how this prison sentence will affect G Herbo’s life, career, relationships, and more. Of course, all we can realistically speculate on is the music, as he will surely face a lot of private challenges and support in his regular life. When it comes to new music, though, this could make the process of developing this artistry and continuing to engage with and feed fans much more difficult. However, it’s entirely possible and probable that the 28-year-old will still drop material from jail, whether it’s recent recordings or older demos or scrapped cuts.

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G Herbo’s New Set Of Teeth

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In fact, he recently hinted at what’s really inspiring him a lot these days when it comes to the rap game during a conversation with Math Hoffa. “I represent hip-hop,” G Herbo remarked on the My Expert Opinion podcast. “I’m a student of hip-hop. So, you started small when you talk about drill.

“New York is hip-hop,” he concluded. “New York is what I fell in love with, New York is the culture of hip-hop. The foundation of hip-hop, of rap music. That s**t bigger than G Herbo. Drill is cool. That’s alright. Bet, G Herbo’s part of drill. I’m a part of history, too though. I’m a part of hip-hop. I got my whole style and my swag from New York.” For more news and the latest updates on G Herbo, stay posted on HNHH.

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