LEC & LCS 2024 Rostermania: All Transfers And Rumors

For 12 of the 20 teams that comprise the LEC and LCS, it’s the offseason. That means it’s time to start evaluating rosters before trying again in 2024. However, while teams won’t be able to sign new players until free agency begins in November, that doesn’t mean that they will be sitting ideal.

Furthermore, many teams have already started to disassemble their rosters in preparation for a retool. However, HotNewHipHop is here to provide you with every roster move, as well as every rumored move, that happens between now and the start of the 2024 season.

LEC Rosters

TopJungleMidADCSupportExcelOdoamnePachAbbedagge*Patrik*LIMIT*FnaticOscarininRazorkHumanoidNoahTrymbiG2BrokenBladeYikeCapsHans SamaMikyxKarmine CorpKOISzygendaMalrang*Larssen*CompAdvienne*MAD LionsChasyElyoya*NisqyCarzzyHylissangSK GamingIrrelevantMarkoonSertuss*ExakickDoss*Team BDSAdamSheo*nucCrownie*LabrovTeam HereticsEviJankosVetheoFlakkedMersaTeam VitalityPhotoBo*PerkzUpset*Kaiser* = expiring contract

LCS Rosters

TopJungleMidADCSupport100 ThievesSsumday*Closer*QuidDoublelift*Busio*Cloud9FudgeBlaberEMENESBerserkerZvenDignitasRichJensenTomopoome*Evil GeniusesRevenge*Armao*JojopyunUNF0RIGVEN*Eyla*FlyQuestImpactSpicaVulcan*Golden GuardiansLicoriceRiverGoriStixxayHuhiImmortalsTactical*Treatz*NRGDhokla*ContractzPalafoxFBI*IgNarShopify RebellionHauntzer*BugiWildturtle*Chime*Team LiquidSummit*Pyosik*APAYeonCoreJJ** = expiring contract in 2023

Roster Move Timeline

August 2023

11th: FlyQuest [LCS] releases GM Nick Phan.

18th: Team Heretics [LEC] grant strategic coach SeeEl permission to explore his options ahead of next season.

21st: Team Vitality [LEC] releases inactive jungler Selfmade. Selfmade was benched in June 2022. Meanwhile, TSM [LCS] removes mid laner Ruby from the GCD.

25th: FlyQuest [LCS] releases two-way mid laner Spirax.

29th: Evil Geniuses [LCS] releases all Academy players except jungler Sheiden. Elsewhere, Immortals [LCS] removes mid laner Bolulu from the GCD.

31st: Nicole LaPointe Jameson steps down as CEO of Evil Geniuses [LCS]. Meanwhile, Disguised [NACL] releases their entire roster.

September 2023

5th: Immortals [LCS] support Treatz said on social media that he has been granted permission to speak with other teams.

10th: FlyQuest [LCS] release mid laner VicLa and head coach Ssong.

12th: KOI [LEC] sign mid laner Larssen to a 4-year extension.

14th: Team Heretics [LEC] open applications for additional coaches. Meanwhile, Andrew Barton resigns as Evil Geniuses [LCS] Director of Athletics to become FlyQuest [LCS] General Manager.

20th: Shopify Rebellion [LCS] acquires the franchise slot and roster of TSM.

October 2023

1st: ADC Prince leaves FlyQuest [LCS].

8th: Jungler Santorin leaves Dignitas [LCS] and announces his retirement.

10th: Cloud9 [LCS] sign former player Hai as their new team manager.

12th: Fnatic [LEC] release inactive ADC-turned-support Rekkles.

17th: Immortals [LCS] part ways with head coach Mabrey.

18th: Karmine Corp [ERL] confirm the acquisition of Astralis’ [LEC] franchise slot. Riot Games confirms that all five of Astralis’ currently contracted players will become free agents.

Roster Rumors

August 2023

9th: Content creator dGon claims that a team in the LCS has sold their franchise slot. While he refused to name the team, he confirmed that it was not TSM.

September 2023

5th: Blix.gg has reported that 100 Thieves [LCS] are expected to promote top lane prodigy Sniper to their LCS roster for the 2024 season.

October 2023

14th: Team Vitality [LEC] are reportedly releasing jungler Bo and promoting academy jungler Daglas.

17th: Astralis [LEC] assistant coach Jandro is reportedly leaving to accept the head coach position at Barcelona [ERL].


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