Lil Mabu Disses Jaidyn Alexis During Twitter Spat With Blueface

When Chrisean Rock gave birth to her son in September, we were hopeful that the 23-year-old would take a break from her usual reckless antics in favour of healing from all the trauma she’s endured in her romantic and personal life in recent years. To the surprise of few, Rock has done the opposite of that. Instead of staying offline and bonding with her newborn, the reality starlet continues to wear her almost months-old hospital band while posing for photos with fans and causing drama online with the help of her new man, Lil Mabu.

As the “Thotiana” rapper continues to grow closer with Jaidyn Alexis, his second baby mama seems to be doing all she can to get her man back. We’ve seen Rock going live, showing off her already snapped-back body in a bikini, as well as debuting an NSFW new tattoo dedicated to her latest lover. For the most part, Blue has impressed users by keeping quiet on the situation. However, on Friday (October 20), we saw some drama erupt between him and Mabu on Twitter. “Have you ever seen Malibu’s most wanted?” the former tweeted yesterday.

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Lil Mabu and Blueface Trade Shots on Twitter

Have you ever seen Family Guy?

— lil mabu (@lilmabu) October 19, 2023

Me 2 I like Blue Faces so I took his baby

— lil mabu (@lilmabu) October 20, 2023

“Have you ever seen ‘Family Guy’?” Mabu shot back, seemingly dissing Alexis, who’s often referred to as “Stewie.” When Blue later tweeted, “I love money ,” his new op replied, “Me 2 I like Blue Faces , so I took his baby .”

Rather than engage with the petty post, the 26-year-old dubbed Rock’s new boyfriend a “fan,” which Mabu also had a response for. “I love all my fans . Thank you for #1 on @youtube! Keep streaming ‘MR. TAKE YA B*TCH’ .”

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Chrisean Rock’s New Man Disses Jaidyn Alexis

Keep scrolling to see the other tweets Lil Mabu has sent out aimed at Blueface and his first baby mama this weekend. Do you think that he and Chrisean Rock have the potential to be a stronger couple than she and Junior’s dad? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

I love all my fans thank you for #1 on @youtube ! Keep streaming “MR. TAKE YA B*TCH”

— lil mabu (@lilmabu) October 20, 2023

this is what i was referencing…

— lil mabu (@lilmabu) October 20, 2023

please respect our privacy

— lil mabu (@lilmabu) October 21, 2023


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