NLE Choppa’s Mother Shares Update On His Well-Being After Rumors He Was Missing

NLE Choppa fans recently expressed a lot of concern online after rumors suggested that he went missing. Moreover, it stems from his mother, Angela Potts, who asked fans if they had any information on his whereabouts on Friday (October 20). “Y’all help me pray over my child,” she expressed on Instagram. “He plans on moving back to Cottonwood where we worked hard to get out of just for a mixtape SMH! I ain’t talked to this boy in hours and he usually doesn’t do this. One thing I know about my son is that he doesn’t go ghost for any reason. Whatever your working on I pray GOD is guiding you. If y’all hear from him PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP ! To the fans he wants to please thanks a lot.”

“Contact Momma Choppa via instagram if you hear from NLE Choppa ! -Management,” the Memphis MC’s Twitter account posted shortly after. Of course, this prompted thousands on social media to send their well-wishes and try to find any possible information on NLE Choppa. Even though this was a mostly speculative situation, the fact it came from the most firsthand source imaginable gave it a lot of credence. Fortunately, it seems like things are much better now, and his mother came through with another, more assuring message in the post-midnight hours of Saturday (October 21).

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NLE Choppa’s Mom Confirms He’s Safe

NLE Choppa’s mom confirms that he’s ok and says he just needed a minute

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) October 21, 2023

“Thank you for the PRAYERS and SUPPORT,” Potts wrote on social media. “Choppa’s ok he just needed a minute, but didn’t communicate it to his love ones. I never intended to scare anyone with my post nor did I expect for people to think he is missing. But the frustrations of being the mother of a celebrity can be a bit much and overwhelming at times.”

Meanwhile, it seems like this was just an unprompted or unclear break in communication and nothing more. Now, the 20-year-old can go back to firing off against haters as he continues to develop his career. It’s heartening that this will not be a saddening headline, and that this family was able to be assured of his safety. For more news and the latest updates on NLE Choppa, come back to HNHH.

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