Young Thug & YSL RICO Trial’s Jury Selection Breaks Georgia Record For Length

The RICO trial of Young Thug and YSL is still moving very slowly as a result of a lengthy jury selection process. Although other factors affected this case, this is a major part of court proceedings that’s taken longer than expected, resulting in a delay of the commencement of the actual trial. In fact, this is such a long-lasting procedure so far that it broke the record for the longest jury selection in Georgia’s history. Of course, this isn’t that surprising when you look at the wider context of this case and the actors involved in it. Given its high-profile nature and wide proliferation online, it can be difficult to accurately identify biases in potential jurors, let alone pick individuals without one.

Furthermore, this pushback resulted in these YSL codefendants waiting patiently for their trial to begin. During this time, the court severed some from the trial, whereas others like Young Thug face low-standard humanitarian care. This includes the quality of meals provided, access to sunlight, and other health factors that these delays exacerbate. As such, many fans are looking to this jury selection process as the last big obstacle before authorities can seal these individuals’ fate.

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Jury Selection In YSL RICO Trial Is Longest In Georgia’s History

However, jury selection involves a lot of moving parts, some of which might not work out in Young Thug and YSL’s favor. For example, prosecutors recently requested the removal of a particular potential juror after they tracked him for weeks. Apparently, he didn’t live in Fulton County as he promised, and this instance makes it clear that the prosecution will be thorough and strict with their evaluations. With protocols like these, it could take even longer for a jury to settle, something we’ve been saying for far too long.

Meanwhile, every other aspect of the RICO trial is in limbo at the moment, with all eyes on the jury selection. Hopefully this process wraps up soon and the court can finally get to the meat of this case. After all, many lives and families depend on it, and suffered for over a year to get to this frustrating point. For more news and the latest updates on Young Thug and the YSL RICO trial, keep checking in with HNHH.

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