Clarence White Notices Strange Print On New Mirror, Calls Customer Service

Clarence White may be quite well-known for his relationship with Queen Naija, but he got his fame for his YouTube content and social media persona. As such, it’s not very surprising that he does a great job of making funny and interesting content out of thin air- or just a mirror, in this case. Moreover, when White posted a picture of his new mirror on social media, fans were quick to point out a pretty suspect sight. They called out a strange blot on the mirror that looks more like a “d**k print” than a sweaty finger. When the content creator saw this, he called the corresponding customer service to air out some grievances quite hilariously.

“I have a little- I have a question,” Clarence White told the lady that answered his concerned but incredulous call. “My name is Clarence, how you doing? So yesterday, there was a mirror delivered to my house. It was like the big arc one with the kind of angle, like, the top. When it was delivered, right, I didn’t notice it yet until I took a picture in the mirror. But- I know this is gonna sound funny, this is gonna sound really funny. It seems like there’s a d**k print on my mirror. Yeah, that’s what I said [the lady said, ‘Huh?!’ and explained that they come in a box, so this shouldn’t be possible]. That’s what I’m saying!”

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Clarence White Calls To Clear Up Alleged “D**k Print” On New Mirror

Furthermore, it’s unclear how exactly he figured this all out with the lady on call, as there’s only a snippet of the interaction available online as of writing this article. Previously, Clarence White had gotten into other antics online, but nothing quite as quotidian and also odd as this. Folks may remember that 6ix9ine once shot his shot with Queen Naija, resulting in a petty feud online. He told the rapper to back off, and there was a lot of scandalous back and forth between them.

Meanwhile, all we can hope for is that White just let fans’ dirty minds and suspicious comments get the best of him. After all, no one really wants to have that question when they get a new mirror- or a new anything, really. Props to the customer service lady for holding it down and sounding just as shocked as he was. For more news and updates on Clarence White, stay logged into HNHH.

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