Dave Chappelle’s Israel-Palestine Comments Lead To Walkouts At Boston Show

Dave Chappelle saw several audience members walk out of his show in Boston after he decided to speak on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. No footage of the set is online, as Chappelle confiscated the audience’s phones before he began. While Chappelle condemned the initial Hamas attack on Israel, he said that students in the US shouldn’t be losing job offers for supporting Palestine. Several Ivy League students have reported experiencing such consequences for publicly supporting Palestine.

However, Chappelle doubled down, stating that the Israeli response to the Hamas attack has been disproportionate and going as far as to accuse Israel of war crimes. Not stopping there, Chappelle also accused the US of aiding and abetting the Israeli atrocities thanks to their full-throated support fo the nation. The comments led several audience members to leave the show early, according to sources who spoke with TMZ.

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Israel-Palestine: Latest Updates

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 02: Dave Chappelle attends De La Soul’s The DA.I.S.Y. Experience, produced in conjunction with Amazon Music, at Webster Hall on March 02, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Amazon)

As fighting enters its third week, the death toll is set to exceed 6000, with a vast majority of the reported deaths being Palestinians. While some aid relief has been allowed into the Gaza Strip, Israel maintains an iron fist around the occupied enclave. Furthermore, fingers continue to be pointed over the destruction of a Gazan hospital this week. Israeli sources initially claimed credit for the attack. However, tweets were edited and statements amended to blame a failed Hamas rocket attack. Independent investigations are inconclusive at this time. However, early indications suggest that the munitions used to destroy the hospital came from Israel and not Gaza

Meanwhile, the violence has begun to spread outside of the Middle East. A six-year-old Palestinian boy was murdered by his landlord in Chicago. The self-proclaimed MAGA supporter reportedly forced entry into the apartment and stabbed the boy to death. Elsewhere, a synagogue president in Detroit was found stabbed to death outside her home. Police have not yet established a motive for the murder.

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