Fat Joe Claims He Was Dissed At Nas’ Birthday Party For Being From The Bronx

Fat Joe has claimed he got dissed at Nas’ birthday for being from the Bronx. “I was at Nas’ birthday party. And you have to understand that hip-hop culture is my life. It was taught to me that hip-hop was color-blind. And if you loved hip-hop music, we loved you. So I got to Nas’ 50th birthday party and I’m surrounded by Queens guys. Now my wife is from Queens. N.O.R.E., one of my best friends, is from Queens. And then out of nowhere, I hear a voice say ‘Yo, this is Queens side. Go over there, that’s the Bronx side.” Joe was absolutely blown away by the diss, saying that the Queens-Bronx rivalry was “so long ago”.

However, Joe declined to name the person who had dissed him. However, The Bridge Wars were a very real thing, which is what Joe was getting at. The rivalry, which dominated the 80s and 90s, was started by a feud between Boogie Down Productions (Bronx) and Juice Crew (Queens). Furthermore, many Bronx rappers have pointed to albums such as Nas’ 1994 icon Illmatic as proof that “the Bridge is still live.”

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Fat Joe Has High Praise For Fif’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

Furthermore, staying in New York, Fat Joe actually had some praise for one of Queens’ greatest music export. Speaking on Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Joe was happy to give Fif his flowers. “One of the greatest albums of all time. And it’s crazy ’cause I had beef with him and I wouldn’t allow myself to hear it, wouldn’t let DJs play it. But I knew that it was G-Unit.” Additionally, he continued. “Recently J. Cole came out at his concert and said it was the greatest album of all time. Nas came out and said, ‘Yo this changed the game.’ And it’s a fact,” Joe said.

However, he hasn’t done singing Fif’s praises. “His flows, his melodies, his beats, the energy Hip Hop music had never felt. That energy that he was coming with, it was like yo, this is that — you got that dangerous thing to it. He teamed up with Mr. Professional, Dr. Dre and Eminem. See, 50 Cent woulda still been amazing but he’d have came with those New York beats that was really really good, but once again, Dr. Dre makes everything iPic. He makes everything crystal clear. He just gives you that professionalism like you on a podium or something,” he continued.

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