KayCyy Drops Smooth New Track “Laugh When U Cry”

KayCyy is an artist who has been grinding for a minute now. However, for a lot of people, he is the man behind a lot of the updates surrounding DONDA. He was a major part of the album’s creative process. The artist was in the Mercedes Benz Stadium as Kanye West cooked up the project. In the end, he was on the hook to “Keep My Spirit Alive” which is a beautiful song. Overall, it proved to be a career-defining move for him as he is now getting some incredible looks.

Earlier this year, KayCyy dropped off a short EP with producer Gesaffelstein. It was a huge endeavor that showcased the artist’s range as a singer. Furthermore, he even got to work with Travis Scott on the song “Thank God.” Unfortunately, he was not credited on the track on streaming services, which led to a bit of an uproar. Regardless, he’s still going strong, and on Friday, he dropped off a “Shanghai Freestyle,” called “Laugh When U Cry.”

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KayCyy Returns

Overall, this new freestyle is filled with some fantastic vocal samples. The soulful beat sounds amazing, and you can tell that KayCyy had fun doing his thing over this. Typically, we hear the artist singing but here he chose to rap and it was a nice choice. It is a sound that fans are going to like and we hope to hear him do stuff like this a bit more often.

Let us know what you think of this new freestyle, in the comments section below. Is this the kind of music you want to hear from KayCyy in the future? Or do you prefer his singing joints? We want to hear from you. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will always keep you informed on the biggest releases from the biggest artists in the world. 2023 still has plenty of great pieces of music left to offer.

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