Lil Wayne’s Wax Figure Dragged Through The Mud On Social Media: Fans React

Wax figures are some of the funniest things to see blow up on social media; fans either can’t believe their accuracy or absolutely hate the attempt. Unfortunately for its creators, the new Lil Wayne wax figure is firmly in the latter camp, and fans are trashing it online. Moreover, at least the shirtless rendition has an impeccable amount of detail when it comes to his body tattoos, which has to count for something. However, it all kind of falls apart when you look at Tunechi’s face, although there was an easy way to cheat this that the team avoided. If you put a pari of sunglasses on it, as he typically wears them a lot, people might not even notice.

Furthermore, this is just the latest immortalization of Weezy F. Baby’s legacy and impact as an artist. It might not be the most artistically sound one in fans’ eyes, but no one can deny that he definitely deserves the treatment. In fact, it also came during a pretty fitting time, considering that Lil Wayne is dropping his 2 Chainz collab album Welcome 2 ColleGrove very soon. As such, maybe it’s the perfect time to capture people’s attention and interest who might not have heard of this otherwise.

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Lil Wayne’s New Wax Figure

This Lil Wayne wax figure is going viral

— RapTV (@Rap) October 23, 2023

Regardless, what’s done is done, and it honestly might be better for the wax figure industry moving forward if they were always off the mark. After all, it causes a lot of interest in them and conversation that just doesn’t match the calm and complacent response to an accurate depiction. Maybe Lil Wayne had some input in this design, although we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just as amused as many folks online. On that note, check out some more reactions to the New Orleans rap legend’s wax figure down below.

Fans React To The Wax Weezy

They did Lil Wayne FILTHYYYY

— Mesh (@rahsh33m) October 23, 2023

Who is that man? that’s not-

— Shadyyee (@chockietee) October 23, 2023

lil wayne seeing this

— Chombe (@Chombe1080) October 23, 2023

Wax figure Off a perc 30

— (@eddiestaysbased) October 23, 2023

It looks like a fusion of Lil Wayne, Steph Curry, & Bob Marley

— Chrome Flip Phone (@ChromeFlipPhone) October 23, 2023

That is Jacquees

— Chombe (@Chombe1080) October 23, 2023

It’s better than “Dwhite Johnson”

— Daminispost (@bigseven4L_) October 23, 2023

Nah I thought this was just a pic

— ANYBODIES (@AnybodiesNFT) October 23, 2023

This could be everyone but Lil Wayne

— Mayoda (@Mayoda4real) October 23, 2023

Meanwhile, we’re happy with any reason to celebrate Wayne, whether it’s his current career or the past. Recently, Birdman reflected on how he feels like he raised him, along with other Cash Money artist like B.G. These legends came a long way… so can we take just a couple more days on the fine wax detail next time? Jokes aside, stay up to date on HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Lil Wayne.

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