Kevin Gates Teaches His Daughter How To Drive, Says She Doesn’t Need A Seatbelt

Kevin Gates was recently on dad duty and shared it on Instagram, and while he definitely had good intentions, he also caught a lot of flack for his execution. Moreover, he recently shared a clip on Instagram of him and his eight-year-old daughter Islah in the car as he gave her driving lessons while she was behind the wheel. Seems like a pretty wholesome, albeit quite early father-daughter moment, right? Well, the problem is that she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt on the road. When fans called the rapper out for this, he gave a pretty disheartening and straight-up ignorant response: “I don’t raise p***y.”

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need,” Kevin Gates captioned his Instagram video of the occasion. “These moments are the ones worth more than anything to a Father. Islah says I’m a pretty cool dad- I love you all.” Unfortunately for him, fans didn’t really notice the message and instead expressed concern for his daughter because of this lack of safety prioritization. While the Baton Rouge native is always getting caught up in bizarre antics online, this isn’t just some Internet fodder; it’s a legitimate concern for their well-being.

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Kevin Gates Shows Off His Eight-Year-Old Daughter’s Driving Skills

Of course, we already know that he isn’t the most considerate person when it comes to posting about children and commenting on what they should and shouldn’t be. For example, Kevin Gates shared an explicit childbirth video earlier this year much to the disgust of people online who caught it. It’s a very different consideration from this driving daughter debacle, but does he really need to talk about childbirth and new life in ways so inappropriate for the people he’s talking about? Maybe that’s a prudish question to ask, but on the flip side of this, it’s very different for a 37-year-old to drive without a seatbelt than an eight-year-old.

Fans Plead With The Rapper To Teach His Daughter To Wear A Seatbelt

Meanwhile, we’ll see if anything relevant comes from this outraged response, whether it’s a double-down or an apology. In the meantime, we’re sure he will continue living life in ways that shock and intrigue social media, such as when he spits in fans’ mouths at shows. It’s a wild ride for the hitmaker, so we just hope he fastens his seatbelt before continuing on that road. For more news and the latest updates on Kevin Gates, stay posted on HNHH.

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