Paul Costict Dead At 57, B-Rock & The Bizz Member Mourned By Loved Ones

Unfortunately for music lovers, another pioneer of hip-hop has lost their lives far too soon. On Monday (October 23), TMZ shared the sad news of Paul Costict’s death, which reportedly happened unexpectedly at his home in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday. A family member told the outlet that the 57-year-old’s cause of death is unclear at this time, though he was in good spirits during a phone call earlier on in the week. It’s worth mentioning that the B-Rock and The Bizz member recently dealt with an illness, though we’re not sure if that will be connected to his death in the long run.

Costict’s music career was relatively short, as his group became a one-hit wonder thanks to the success of “My Baby Daddy.” It landed back in 1997 and ultimately went on to peak at No. 10 on the Billboard chart at the time. Prior to his passing, the artist saw the single certified gold, though it went on to cause him some problems on an episode of Divorce Court.

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Revisit B-Rock and The Bizz’s “My Baby Daddy” in Honour of Paul Costict

Costict found himself in a dispute with his ex-wife, Lasancious, over his commemorative RIAA plaque, which she wanted to hold onto during their separation. Besides his musical contributions to B-Rock and The Bizz, the deceased previously worked as a road manager for the group. His fellow band member, Thaddeus “T-Bird” Maye told TMZ he’ll remember Paul as “a very funny and Kool brother.” The two grew up together in Alabama, and enjoyed the time they spent together creating.

Even though posthumous releases are nice in thought, they rarely hit the same as music shared straight from the source. It’s unlikely we’ll hear more from Paul Costict, but we’re continuing to see others who have been laid to rest surpassing impressive milestones musically. Read the latest achievement from XXXTentaction at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates. RIP Paul Costict.

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