‘The Voice’ Contestants Show Off Their ‘New Attitude’ in ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds: Watch

The Voice battle rounds continue! On Monday night (Oct. 23), the contestants went head to head as the show whittled down the competition. CORii and Ms. Monét went up to the plate and battled it out to Patti LaBelle‘s hit “New Attitude.”

The pair infused the track with soul, adding soaring high notes, whistle tones and impressive vocal runs to their rendition, often boosting each other up during the larger moments of the song.

“I’m feeling good from my hat to my shoe/ Know where I am going and I know what to do/ I’ve tidied up my point of view/ I’ve got a new attitude/ I’m in control My worries are few/ ‘Cause I got love like I never knew/ Ooh oh ooo oh/ I’ve got a new attitude,” CORii and Ms. Monét soulfully sing on the chorus.

Following the pair’s performances, the coaches gave their feedback and shared moments during the showcase that stood out to them. Niall Horan went first, saying, “CORii, why did I not turn? The minute you opened your mouth, I was like, ‘So why did I face the wall for two minutes?’ To be honest, I do remember pitch issues in the blind auditions, but this was night and day, different level to where you were last time.”

Gwen Stefani complimented Monét’s stage presence and CORii’s improvement. “I’m so literally blown away by you. You are masterful, and you were being all swaggy up there,” she said of Monét. “I was like, ‘OK, she is literally slaying.’ But then CORii, you somehow started to lock into your voice. It was like, ‘Wow, she has range and power.’ You both have incredible stage presence and character.”

Ultimately, the decision was up to Reba McEntire, who had to choose between the two. The country icon praised both of the budding stars, even saying they “could go on the road as a duet right now.” After struggling to come to a conclusion, McEntire kept Monét on her team. CORii, meanwhile, was surprised by getting stolen by both Horan and Stefani, and chose the latter coach to guide her through the rest of the competition.

Watch CORii and Ms. Monét battle it out to LaBelle’s “New Attitude” below.

We’re feelin’ good from our heads to our shoes hearing @MsMonet and CORii cover THEE Patti LaBelle! ✨ #TheVoice pic.twitter.com/OTqJDvUxIF

— The Voice (@NBCTheVoice) October 24, 2023

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