7 Rappers Who Starred in Horror Movies

In the dynamic world of entertainment, it’s not uncommon for artists to explore realms beyond their primary craft. Rappers, who are known for their lyrical prowess and stage charisma, have occasionally stepped into the genre of horror. Whether it’s the rhythmic flow of verses or the heart-pounding suspense of a horror plot, these artists have excelled in both. Let’s delve into the crossover between rap music and horror movies as we explore the eerie cinematic ventures of seven notable rappers.

Busta Rhymes In Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

When it comes to merging the world of rap with horror, few can do it as memorably as Busta Rhymes. In the 2002 film, Halloween: Resurrection, Busta brings his versatile stage presence as a rapper to the big screen. Up against horror icon Michael Myers, the rapper’s performance adds a new flavor to the classic slasher franchise. As the character Freddie Harris, Busta’s charisma and energy shine through in this blood-chilling installment as he takes on “The Shape.”

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Rah Digga In Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

Rah Digga, a member of Busta Rhymes’s Flipmode Squad, brings her own distinct style to the character of Maggie Bess in Thir13en Ghosts. Bess is a tough and resourceful nanny who becomes entangled in the mysteries of the eerie glass house filled with malevolent spirits. Her performance adds a layer of authenticity to the film, proving that the synergy between rap and horror can extend beyond the expected. Rah Digga rises to the occasion and meets the demands of the haunting narrative.

Snoop Dogg In Bones (2001)

Snoop Dogg left his mark in the horror with 2001’s Bones (2001). The “Gin and Juice” rapper plays Jimmy Bones, a murdered hood legend who returns for revenge. Snoop’s deep voice and laid-back demeanor bring a distinctive vibe to the horror landscape.

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Ice Cube In Anaconda (1997)

Known for starring in classic comedy and crime movies, Ice Cube is no stranger to the world of film — and it’s safe to say that his step into the horror genre is just as captivating. In the creature feature Anaconda (1997), Cube faces off against a monstrous snake in the Amazon. The film also features Jennifer Lopez and John Voight. Anaconda is one movie you can’t miss.

Ice-T In Leprechaun 5: In the Hood (2000)

Ice-T, a pioneer in gangsta rap, leaped into horror with Leprechaun 5: In the Hood. This comedic horror film takes the Leprechaun mythos to the inner city. Ice-T’s performance as Mack Daddy, a ruthless pimp, adds a layer of humor to the otherwise chilling tale. Ice-T’s transition from gritty urban narratives to battling supernatural creatures showcases his range as an artist and an actor.

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Sticky Fingaz In Leprechaun 2: Back in the Hood (2003)

Sticky Fingaz, who’s known for his role in the rap group Onyx, becomes another rap icon included in the Leprechaun movie franchise. In Leprechaun 2: Back In The Hood, Sticky Fingaz brings a raw intensity to the film, navigating the twists and turns of the horror-comedy with the same energy that defined his music career.

LL Cool J In Halloween H20 (1998)

LL Cool J, a multi-talented artist known for being a rapper and actor stars in Halloween H20. In this installment, LL Cool J plays Ronny, a security guard caught in the crosshairs of Michael Myers. The rapper’s charismatic on-screen presence and ability to connect with audiences make him a standout in this eerie picture.

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