Bow Wow Continues To Call New Music “Trash”

Bow Wow recently shared his thoughts on the latest music releases, expressing his candid opinions about the industry’s current musical landscape. According to the renowned rapper and actor, the new music in today’s landscape leaves much to be desired, to put it mildly. “Al of this sh*t trash,” Bow Wow began. One person asked on the livestream, “How do you think its so easy for new artists to get famous?” Bow Wow responded, “All they have to do is get out of their bed and get on their laptop. It’s easy because of the internet, they utilize the internet. Sh*t takes work” … “In a way you still have to respect what they’re doing, the music might be subpar, but you still have to respect it.”

In his unfiltered commentary, Bow Wow doesn’t mince words when characterizing the state of modern day music. He describes it as “trash,” and has said this a few times before. As HNHH previously reported, he’s said that labels need to focus more on artist development. His willingness to be straightforward and critical about the current music scene can be seen as a reflection of his commitment to the art form and his dedication to upholding the standards he holds dear. As a veteran in the music industry, Bow Wow feels as though he can also be a speculator on how it’s transformed over the years. His perspective is valuable, not only because of his extensive experience but also because it showcases the passion and discernment that musicians bring to their craft.

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Bow Wow Doubles Down On Music Being Trash

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While some might perceive his comments as controversial, it is essential to consider that opinions on music are highly subjective. What one person finds appealing, another may find “trash.” Bow Wow’s comments serve as a reminder of the ever-shifting nature of the music world. While some listeners may agree with Bow Wow’s assessment, others may strongly disagree. On X just last week, Bow Wow offered more details into his reasoning for why he feels like artists are not making great music anymore. “They cant talk. I don’t understand wtf they saying,” he said. “Be dry as hell in interviews. Y’all know I take the stage serious! I don’t even wanna get on they stage presence. Rapping over vocals shit is sloppy out here man. We gotta clean this s**t up. Get better or get tf out the way.”

Fans even agreed with sentiments such as “it’s not fun to see artists drop anymore,” one person said. Another commented, “Labels don’t believe in rollouts or building the anticipation like they used to.” “That’s over with now .. these labels are openly telling artist to already come to them established and popping and already platinum.” What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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