Chandler Jones Arrest Video Shows NFL Player Rambling About His Career, Making Bizarre Requests Of The Cops

TMZ has released the arrest video from Chandler Jones’ arrest for violating a domestic violence protection order last month. Jones was approached by police officers while parked outside the home of his ex-girlfriend. “I want you to grab me and take me out. Please,” Jones could be heard saying before trying to explain why he was outside his ex’s place. “I’m sorry about this. The reason why I’m here is because I was taking out her trash, and I was just dropping off the dumpster in the backseat. No problem.”

However, Jones grew more agitated as he was arrested. “Look at me. I’m 6’5. I’m a professional athlete, bro. I have 112 sacks — I play for the Raiders,” Jones said when officers tried to place him in a squad car. “Sir, can you take me to jail, sir? Because I’ll make louder noises, and make a sheriff come out here. Take me to jail now, or I’ll make louder noises,” he said later. However, he grew more agitated still. “Sir! Oh my God! I need help! Help! Give him the key!”

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Jones Arrested For Second Protection Order Violation

However, it wasn’t long before Jones found himself back in a cell. Earlier this month, Jones was once again arrested in Las Vegas for the violation of a domestic violence protective order. Details about the arrest were not immediately made available. However, the arrest came three weeks after Jones was initially detained on the same charge. In that instance, Jones was accused of going to a woman’s home, taking several personal items from her yard, and then burning them on his property.

Jones’ first arrest came after a turbulent series of posts on social media. After a livestream in which he burst into tears after saying Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill himself, Jones shared a positive interaction with Antonio Brown before leaving social media to go to a strip club. He was reportedly arrested for violating a domestic violence protective order and posted bond later on Friday. Jones had a court date in early December concerning the first arrest. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as they emerge.

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