Charles Barkley Presses Adam Silver About Domestic Violence In The NBA On National TV

Charles Barkley used Adam Silver’s appearance on Inside The NBA to confront the league executive about the sharp rise in domestic violence incidents involving NBA players. Silver appeared completely caught off guard by the question. Eventually, he stammered his way through an answer that essentially boiled to “We tell the players that violence is bad”. However, while Silver said that the “consequences are enormous” for the players, the opposite rings true in practice.

The league only suspended repeat offender Miles Bridges for 10 games. Furthermore, they argued that he served 20 games of the original 30-game suspension by being a free agent last season. Meanwhile, Bridges was arrested in recent weeks for violating his protective order against his original victim. Meanwhile, the NBA has said nothing other than the league being “aware of the situation” when it comes to the Kevin Porter Jr. situation. Of course, Silver is never going to say anything revolutionary when it comes to domestic violence. However, it’s far from the answer that Barkley’s question warranted.

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Adam Silver Confronted For His Greatest Weakness – Discipline

Charles Barkley confronts NBA commissioner Adam Silver after numerous offseason incidents of domestic violence among NBA athletes:

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However, the response is typical of the Adam Silver era. Ever since he took over as NBA commissioner in 2014, the league has repeatedly failed to discipline its players. This past summer, the world watched as Silver appeared more comfortable cracking jokes about Ja Morant than actually punishing the Grizzlies star for flaunting his indifference to the NBA’s disciplinary process. Morant received 25 games for flashing a gun on Instagram Live. This was despite it being the second time it had happened and despite Morant begging for forgiveness from the league after the first time.

Silver, much like his NFL counterpoint Roger Goodell, is an owner’s executive. It’s all about the bottom line. Make the league money while ensuring the league doesn’t look too bad in the media. Suspend Morant for about a quarter of the season, but not too long so that the NBA can profit from people tuning in to watch Morant play. However, with domestic violence incidents noticeably on the rise, it remains to be seen what the league is actually going to do about it.

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