Ice-T’s Son Cuts Streamer’s Hair Without Consent During TwitchCon Party

Ice T’s son, Tracey Marrow Jr., is facing backlash for a “prank” he pulled during TwitchCon this past weekend. During a livestreamed party thrown by Malek_04, Marrow Jr. is seen walking up to the streamer and cutting a length of hair from one of her pigtails. He then proceeded to sniff the hair and hold it up to the camera as several people could be heard demanding an explanation. While Malek could be seen crying later in the stream, some viewers argue that was the result of another incident.

However, the incident that was caught on camera is pretty messed up. Only Marrow Jr. appears to find it funny, with most people who witnessed the incident shocked that he would do such a thing. Furthermore, some commentators online have pointed out that the act could be considered assault in some jurisdictions. Malek is yet to release a formal statement about the incident.

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Ice-T Son Cuts Hair, Adin Ross Kicked Out Of TwitchCon

However, the drama surrounding Ice T’s son was not the only thing that went down at TwitchCon. Adin Ross’ publicity stunt at TwitchCon was short-lived. The Kick-affiliated streamer, who is permanently banned from Twitch, arrived at the official Twitch convention decked out in Kick-branded merchandise. However, he was only able to spend a few minutes inside the convention center before he was spotted by security and removed. It’s unsurprising and completely understandable. TwitchCon doesn’t allow attendees who are banned on the platform. Furthermore, it’s clear that Ross was simply there looking to cause trouble for his livestream.

Elsewhere, Ricegum caught up with Ross collaborator N3on. Over dinner, Ricegum asked N3on if he and Ross were beefing, which N3on denied. “He’s not talking to me right now. He told me that I need to go home and ground myself and he’s right. I haven’t seen my family in over a month and a half. They live in Houston and I’ve been in LA, Miami selling my soul. But I love Adin, ya know?” N3on clarified. N3on has been catching a lot of heat lately after referring to himself with the n-word.

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