Olivia Rodrigo Freaked out Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids on the School Run: Watch

The celebrity game is an easy one to play. Spot a celebrity, earn yourself a point. The brighter the star, the more points in your bag.

They might not know it yet, but Jimmy Kimmel’s kids won the celebrity game during a school drop-off one morning when they spotted Olivia Rodrigo on the side of the road, and the “Good 4 U” star got in the car.

The moment was, naturally, caught on camera for Kimmel’s late night show, airing Tuesday night, Oct. 24.

Posing as a hitchhiker, thumb out, Rodrigo gave the kids the surprise of their young lives when she scored a ride.

“You know Olivia, we listen to your music on the way to school all the time,” Kimmel announces to his passengers, two of whom are totally star-struck in the back: nine-year-old Jane and six-year-old son Billy.

After some miles had passed, and some back-and-forth questions, the Rodrigo tunes crank up for some Kimmel family karaoke. And why was she hitching? Surely you saw it coming. Rodrigo doesn’t actually own a drivers license.

Kimmel kept the motor running, as Rodrigo made her way to his show for a proper Q&A.

The triple Grammy Award winner, three-time Billboard Hot 100 leader, and two-time Billboard 200 champ stopped by to talk house hunting, her fear of ghosts, and the contents of her bag of “President Biden goodies.”

Fame is tricky, even for Rodrigo’s folks. Her dad “brags to his co-workers” about Olivia’s success, her mom is “modest and shy” and she’s “very coy” when asked about her daughter.

Rodrigo, like many of us, is fluent in profanity. When writing songs and whether to insert four-letter words, “I think about it often,” she explains. “I love using a swear word when I think it’s tasteful and necessary.” When penning some Guts tracks, she was “swearing all over them” and had to “pare it back.”

None of those four-letter curses appear in “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” which Rodrigo performed for Kimmel’s audience.

Watch below.

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