Blueface Called Out By Matthew Stafford’s Wife For Bringing Strippers To Rams Game

Blueface was put on blast after he was seen partying with strippers at the Rams game this past weekend. In particular, the rapper was called out by Kelly Stafford, the wife of Rams QB Matthew Stafford. After calling it “embarrassing” and “disappointing”, Stafford said it may affect the way that she takes in games going forward. “It makes me not want to take my kids to the game. Because I’m like, ‘What’s going to happen next?’ This is supposed to be a family experience, coming to a football game. There were children in the suites next to them. You know what I’m saying? I have four daughters who are looking at this. My nephews who are older have Instagram. They found it. And my daughters are sitting right next to them. Not OK.”

The incident went down at the Rams’ gam against the Steelers this past weekend. Blueface took to social media to show off the impromptu strip club he had set up in one of the suites, making it rain on a row of women twerking in front of him. However, the rapper was reportedly removed from the stadium by security after the stunt began to go viral. The Rams have not released a statement about the incident at the time of writing.

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Matthew Stafford Brushes Off Wife’s Locker Room Comments

However, this isn’t the first time that Kelly Stafford’s comments have gone viral. In the run-up to the season, Matthew Stafford addressed comments that his wife made about the Rams’ locker room atmosphere. In August, Kelly Stafford claimed that her husband had been having trouble “gelling” with the younger members of the Rams roster. The 35-year-old quarterback joked that he had planned to attend the September 6 press conference with pince-nez and a newspaper but “it turns out you can’t even find a newspaper around here,” Stafford said, “so I couldn’t do that. I was going to try to have some fun with it.” However, he again stressed that there was no locker room problems.

“But no. It’s been great to … I love coming to work. I love working with these guys. And they all know that. I think those guys understand where I’m coming from,” Stafford said. “They see me come in this building every single day and know how I go to work, know how I interact with everybody and we didn’t really think too much about it to be honest with you,” Stafford said. Furthermore, he noted that he had not had to discuss his wife’s comments with any of the other players.

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