Dwight Howard Continues To Troll Fans Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

As we have reported extensively over the last couple of days, Dwight Howard is facing some serious sexual assault allegations. The allegations come from a man named Stephen Harper, not to be confused with the former Prime Minister of Canada. Overall, the man claims he was supposed to meet with Howard for sex. However, things went left when Howard surprised the man with another man who was dressed as a woman. The person went by the name Kitty, and Howard allegedly wanted them all to have a threesome.

Subsequently, the man alleges how Howard eventually forced oral sex on him and continues to act coercively. Howard has denied any wrongdoing. Although he and his lawyer have confirmed that he did know the man and that they engaged in consensual sex. That said, fans want to get some clarity on the situation. Unfortunately, Howard is not taking this very seriously, at all. Instead, he is blaming the chatter on “haters.” For instance, in the video below, he responds to a fan asking about Kitty by just posting himself with a lion.

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Dwight Howard Responds

In another TikTok, Howard can be seen furiously typing on his electronic devices in what can only be described as a skit. The caption to the skit is, “how they want me to respond to the haters online.” Overall, it is a pretty bizarre way to handle the situation. The allegations against Howard are extremely serious. However, he isn’t taking it all that seriously. Being accused of sexual assault isn’t exactly “hating.” There are very real criminal implications being alleged.

Former Lakers Star Won’t Stop

The Dwight Howard situation is one that we will continue to monitor. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world. We will always keep you informed on your favorite athletes.

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