London On Da Track’s Ex Eboni Ivorii Trolls Summer Walker Over Chrisean Rock Impersonation

It didn’t take long for someone to flip the script on Summer Walker after she impersonated Chrisean Rock for TikTok. Walker hit TikTok this week with a video where mouthed along to Rock’s infamous speech where she yelled, “F*ck Lil Baby and his restaurant,” in the midst of her feud with Blueface. However, Summer didn’t just use Rock’s speech as a TikTok sound. She also dressed up like Rock, down to the missing tooth. However, London On Da Track’s ex and the mother of his child, Eboni Ivorii, flipped the script on Walker.

The “Girls Need Love” singer faced backlash but Eboni Ivorii gave her a taste of her own medicine. Dressing up like Summer Walker, Eboni recreated a few of the singer’s photos in an unflattering way, including rocking a blonde wig and mocking Summer’s BBL. Fans were undoubtedly divided. Although many predicted that someone would come for Walker online, Eboni’s issues with Walker have been well-documented over the years, so it certainly came across as a personal shot. 

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Summer Walker Responds To Backlash

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Before Eboni got to her, Walker already issued a response to the backlash she faced for mocking Chrisean Rock. The singer explained that she prefers humor similar to comedians like Dave Chappelle and Bernie Mac and then, criticized how the younger generation views jokes. “Please do not take my humor to serious. My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor & Katt Williams, they say sh*t and don’t give af,” she wrote. “I know this generation doesn’t understand hwo to actually just laugh n move on but yeah.”

So far, Chrisean Rock hasn’t formally responded to Summer Walker’s impression of her. However, considering how the “Vibe” rapper felt when Lizzo dressed up as her for Halloween, we can’t imagine that she appreciates being mocked, especially when it comes to her parenting skills. Check out Eboni’s video above and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

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