Cam Newton Expecting Child With Partner Jasmin Brown

Comedian Jasmin Brown, the partner of Cam Newton, has announced she is pregnant with the ex-NFLer’s child. “Third times a charm tour coming to a comedy stage near you. Link in bio,” Brown wrote on social media, promoting a December comedy tour alongside an image of her with her baby bump. Furthermore, Brown jokingly referred to herself as “Baby Momma 3” in the post’s image. Additionally, Brown can be seen holding up three fingers to really drive the point home.

The pair have been dating since 2022, first being spotted together publicly at Milan Fashion Week. While it is their first child together, it will be Newton’s eighth child overall. Some commenters online took issue with the way that Brown announced the pregnancy. However, most people were generally happy for the couple. What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.

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Cam Newton Sues Ex

However, it’s not all happy news in the world of Cam Newton. Earlier this month, Newton sued his ex-girlfriend Kia Proctor over possession of a 2017 Bentley. According to legal documents seen by RadarOnline, Newton alleges that Proctor was given the car on the understanding that she would return it in the event that they broke up. The couple, who have four children together, broke up in 2019 after Newton fathered a child with another woman while Proctor was pregnant.

Online, a majority of people seemed to back Proctor over Newton. “Broke up in 2019 but came to collect the car in 2023 chiiile, EVERYTHING a man gifts you should be in YOUR name,” one person commented. “After I push out 4 kids, and you got a side baby, that’s my Bentley chief,” added another. “He wrong. He cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant. she had all them kids for him. The least he could do is let her have 2017 car he really don’t care about,” noted a third. Newton has not publicly commented on the lawsuit, nor has Proctor.

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