Coi Leray Asks “What Makes An Icon Today?”

Coi Leray has some questions. In an era marked by a rapidly changing music industry, the question of what defines an “icon” has become more complex than ever. Coi Leray recently took to social media to ask a poignant question: “What makes an icon today?” Her tweet sparked a thought-provoking discussion that delved into the criteria for achieving iconic status in the music world. Coi Leray began her question by acknowledging the past icons who set the bar high with their undeniable influence and talent. She listed previous icons such as Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ciara, Missy Elliott, and more. However, she pointed out that the standards for icon status have shifted over time, leading her to ask her followers for their insights on the matter.

Additionally, the responses poured in. Offering a diverse array of perspectives on what it takes to become an icon in today’s music industry. One user emphasized the importance of timeless music, suggesting that it’s the ability to create music that transcends trends and captivates listeners for generations that truly defines an icon. “The shortest answer is, timeless music,” they wrote. “You don’t always know what it is or which song it is and people are trying to force it these days. Put out your best music and the listeners will pick what is timeless.”

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Coi Leray Gets Introspective

Back in the days, it was easy to define an icon. For example, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Ri, Ciara, Missy… many more…. I noticed things changed, so I’m asking, what makes an icon today? Streams? Likes? Numbers ?

— Coi (@coi_leray) October 26, 2023

Stage presence, vocals, cadence, fashion, versatility, choreography, effort, bars, lyrics.. Does it not madder ? What do y’all WANT to see? Or be honest.. it doesn’t even madder anymore because it’s so much going on in the industry , viral moments is easier to digest?

— Coi (@coi_leray) October 26, 2023

Moreover, another contributor delved into the idea that icons are individuals who bring something entirely new to the table. Something that hasn’t been seen or heard before. “People are looking for something they’ve never seen — & that takes years to develop — think MJ from a kid to a man — it’s hard to slow down enough in a microwave to society to actually produce that — who’s willing to sacrifice time & money to develop that level of substance?” They highlighted that this development often takes years of dedication and hard work. Referencing the transformation of Michael Jackson from a child prodigy to a legendary artist. The road to iconic status, they noted, demands a willingness to invest time. More importantly, resources in developing a unique and enduring presence.

However, Coi Leray’s introspective question struck a chord with her audience. This lead to an engaging dialogue about the concept of icon status in the modern music industry. Moreover, many expressed the belief that while factors like streams, likes, and numbers are important in today’s digital age, they don’t solely define an icon. Futhermore, it’s a combination of many things. These things include: stage presence, vocal talent, cadence, fashion, versatility, choreography, lyrical ability, and dedication that contributes to an artist’s iconic journey. What are your thoughts on the subject matter? What defines an icon?

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