JPEGMAFIA Re-Releases “The Ghost Pop Tape” Album In Original & Remastered Glory

JPEGMAFIA is one of the most creative, self-driven, skillful, and groundbreaking rappers, producers, performers, and sonic wizards in music today. While many readers may have first heard of him through his 2023 Danny Brown collab album, SCARING THE H*ES, he’s been releasing fantastic music for over a decade. Before we knew him as Peggy, he was Devon Hendryx, and around 2012 while he was living in Japan, he was in a dark headspace. Out of that struggle, but also incredible spirit and talent, he released The Ghost Pop Tape in 2013, which went unnoticed at the time of its release. Ten years later, though, it’s a fan-favorite amongst the Baltimore artist’s listener base, and he just re-released the project in its original form and remastered it almost entirely to celebrate its place in his catalog.

Moreover, JPEGMAFIA made it clear via social media that this is not meant to be taken as a new project or simple anniversary reissue to get cash, but as a treat to the fans who hold this among other LPs like… well, LP!. As such, this is the perfect chance for you to dive in if you haven’t already. Furthermore, it’s another wildly different example of his unique production approach that is lo-fi but nonetheless enveloping, atmospheric, and moodier than his more recent output. This takes more inspiration from R&B and vaporwave-style sounds and shows that the 34-year-old is just as good at subtlety as he is at larger-than-life bombast. Above all, only he could make The Ghost Pop Tape, and that idiosyncrasy is a rare feat in hip-hop these days.

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JPEGMAFIA (Devon Hendryx) Re-Releases The Ghost Pop Tape: Stream

With him flexing his production skills even more these days, such as his Armand Hammer collab single, we can only expect greater things to come from the young, Black Brian Wilson. If you haven’t heard The Ghost Pop Tape, you can find it on your preferred streaming service. A note on the tracklist below, though: each song appears twice as its remastered and original version, with one exception and a vinyl-exclusive track. For more news and the latest updates on JPEGMAFIA, stay logged into HNHH.

Tracklist (Streaming Version)
1. Ballad of A Poor Man
2. [Heart Emoji]
3. HBK
4. Violent fighting to come again!
5. Behold! a Pale Horse
6. M.U.G.E.N
7. Porn for Percussion
8. Untitled 1
9. God Bless My Homegirls
10. Untitled 2
11. Call Me Maybe
12. P*$$y #3
13. Bubblegum Crisis
14. Liara
15. O Superman
16. Untitled 3
17. Sakura
27 (on streaming tracklist). Missing image file_ maladaptivedaydreaming.gif [not remastered]

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