Kylie Jenner “Stealing” Designs For Khy Clothing Brand, Creative Claims

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are officially hanging out in the public eye again, which is great news for the former, as she might need some advice regarding the backlash she’s facing for her latest creative endeavour. Following Kylie Cosmetics, Skin, Baby, and a failed swimsuit line, we now have Khy – a clothing brand promoting “creativity, collaboration, and quality at an accessible price.” The photos previewed on the company’s Instagram page ahead of its November 1st launch look to all be made of vegan leather, which has earned PETA’s seal of approval. Unfortunately for Jenner, not everyone is on board with her new project.

As The Sun reports, designer Betsy John put the California native on blast earlier this week for allegedly “stealing” her designs. “INTERESTING CONCEPT KYLIE:…INTERESTING,” the creative ranted on her IG Story after seeing the soft launch rollout for Khy. “We emailed Kylie and all her team concept and language and a line sheet 6 MONTHS AGO,” John further alleged. “Thanks for the co-sign. F**k your support.”

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Kylie Jenner Put on Blast By Designer Betsy John

Self-made stylist and creative director Betsy John (Not Betsey Johnson) accuses Kylie Jenner of stealing concept ideas from them after Kylie reached out:

“F*ck your support.”

— Pop Faction (@PopFactions) October 26, 2023

Besides just expressing her feelings, the angered designer also threw in a spreadsheet breaking down her student loan repayment (nearly $50K) for good measure. “Worked my a** off for this. Like so many other working-class kids who bust their a** for expertise they weren’t born into to realize their ideas,” John expressed to her followers. Prior to being allegedly stiffed by Jenner, she was a creative director, stylist, and consultant for companies like Balenciaga and Luis De Javier. For her part, the reality starlet has credited an independent label, Namilia, for co-designing Khy with her. As of publication time, she hasn’t responded to Betsy’s accusations against her.

This season of Kylie Jenner’s life has brought with it plenty of newness. Apart from her latest fashion endeavour, the mother of two also has her romance with Timothee Chalamet that’s been keeping her smiling. While she enjoys the honeymoon period of that, Jenner and Travis Scott are “doing their best” to navigate their co-parenting situation. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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