LeBron James’ Family Trolls Him With Perfect Impressions: Watch

LeBron James’ family went all-in on the NBA star, showing off some impressive impressions of him during the shooting of a recent Beats commercial. Bronny’s was by far the most honed, getting down his father’s voice perfectly. Acting like he was at an interview, Bronny nailed his father’s slightly distant tone and ridiculous work-first mentality. Meanwhile, Bryce did a pretty great job of copying his father’s classic big stretch and loud yawn. However, it wasn’t just limited to his sons. His wife Savannah showed off her interpretation of LeBron’s on-court backpedaling. Meanwhile, Zhuri honed her take on her father’s on-court mannerisms.

The video comes as the James family starred in a commercial alongside Manchester City star Erling Haaland. The crux of the ad is the families of LeBron and Haaland leaving voicemails for the sports stars. Of particular note is what Savannah says in her message to her husband. “Tell them you’re not done until you play with your son. And then do that again,” Savannah said, implying almost another half-decade in the NBA for LeBron. That would be the case in order to play with Bronny (2024 Draft Class) and Bryce (2026 Draft Class).

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LeBron Leads Comeback Victory

Bronny, Bryce, Savannah, and Zhuri doing LeBron impressions.

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— Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) October 27, 2023

However, he may be 21 years into his NBA career but that doesn’t seem to be slowing LeBron down. LeBron blew past his 30-minute playing time guideline as he put on a masterclass to save the Lakers from a 0-2 start to the season. James played the entire fourth quarter against the Suns, when his minutes limit suggested he should only play about half the frame. In that time, LeBron scored 10 points, helping eliminate a 12-point Suns lead and pushing the Lakers to a 100-95 victory.

“He [head coach Darvin Ham] asked me if I could go the quarter, and I looked at the time and the score and what was going on in the game, and it was an easy answer for myself. I know how much work I’ve put in to be able to play quarters or whatever the case may be. And I understand that we definitely have a system put in place, but tonight called for me to go outside the box.”” LeBron said after the game. The veteran star, now two games into his 21st season, finished with 21 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists. Anthony Davis, who was roasted for his performance against Denver in the season opener, had a 30-point double-double against Phoenix.

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