Sukihana Threatens To “Knock Khia Tf Out”

Earlier this week, Khia went on a bit of a rant about being compared to other female MCs. According to the “My Neck, My Back” performer, she’s nothing like some of the raunchier artists of the genre, as her songs send a completely different message to listeners. Specifically, she took aim at Sexyy Red and Sukihana, who are known for their sexually explicit lyrics.

“I’m about tired of y’all comparing me to these h*es,” Khia explained. “I said my neck, my back, my p***y and my crack,” she continued. “It’s respect me, it’s snatch the motherf*ckin’ cat back. It’s don’t trust no motherf*ckin’ n***a get your own sh*t.” She didn’t stop there, however. She then went on to make references to Sexyy Red and Sukihana’s music, seemingly mocking them in the process. “It ain’t eat no n***a’s a** and suck no n***a’s toes,” she said.

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Sukihana Takes Aim At Khia Following Rant

Her rant prompted a response from Sexyy Red, who didn’t appreciate the apparent criticism. “Just another ol washed up h@g hatin ona young turnt rich bthc,” she wrote. “Hatin on bad bthces den & you still ah mad hater.” Now, Sukihana has weighed in, and it appears as though she’s similarly outraged by Khia’s comments. She even threatened to get physical with the hitmaker, which could mean trouble in the future.

“I will knock Khia tf out,” she Tweeted. “SUKIHANA is SUKIHANA a has been is a has been. I’m booked every weekend until next September of NEXT YEAR. I get it I’m ratchet but I live in my truth. Atlease I don’t sit in front of a library mad at trina everyday with 172 teeth in my mouth.” Clearly, Suki didn’t take too kindly to Khia’s jab. What do you think of Sukihana’s response to Khia’s rant? Do you think her reaction was warranted, or did she go too far? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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