UMI Opens Up About Her Mental Health Journey and the Importance of Prioritizing Wellness  

UMI is a 24-year-old Seattle native pioneering a new sound rooted at the intersection of neo soul and folk. Meaning ocean in Japanese, “umi” is a beautiful reflection of her artistry – soothing like a day spent in nature. 

The singer-songwriter made her debut in 2017, but UMI’s life changed after the release of the 2019 hit “Love Affair.” Since then she has shared a couple projects, Introspection Reimagined and Forest in the City, as well as recent single “happy im.” Currently living in Los Angeles, UMI continues to create genre-bending music that captivates and inspires listeners. She is gearing up to release a new EP, Talking to the Wind, a project meant to help fans work through their feelings.

This month, UMI is featured on Sound Mind’s latest episode of Unmasked, a video series that features artists opening up about their personal mental health journeys. In the new episode, she speaks about her own struggle with anxiety and how prioritizing wellness has improved her quality of life.

UMI told Billboard, “When we see our mental health as a form of communication and self love – we understand that it is necessary to tend to like breathing. Nothing in life can be fully enjoyed without the container of a healthy mind. And we all deserve to feel the full vibrancy of each moment.” 

Each person is at a different stage on their journey with mental health, but UMI credits meditation as something what keeps her grounded through all life has to offer. 

She said, “Teaching people the power of meditation feels like one of my purposes on this earth. Meditation has helped me to release anxiety, develop a connection with my authentic self, trust in life, and know my truths.”

Unmasked was created to promote free mental health resources, as well as foter an open dialogue about mental health for artists and fans alike. Check out UMI on the latest episode of Unmasked and stay tuned for more from Sound Mind. 

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