Watch Blink-182 Perform a Mini-Concert in a Denny’s Restaurant to Celebrate New Tour

Whether it’s SoFi Stadium or a random Denny’s in Long Beach, a show is a show. Blink-182 recently staged a concert at one such 24-hour breakfast restaurant, rocking out as if they were playing on a festival stage.


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“What the f–k is up, Denny’s?” shouted bassist Mark Hoppus in a clip shared by fans on Twitter, with Travis Barker slamming on the drums behind him.

Inches away from a crowd of fans head-banging along to the music, Tom DeLonge — who only recently re-joined Blink’s lineup — sang “Anthem Part 3″ from the Denny’s floor. The band reportedly only played the one song, but it was enough to remind fans of a meme dating back to 2013, when the band Live Without performed at an abandoned Denny’s and similarly shouted, “What the f–k is up, Denny’s?”

“Coming to stadiums, arenas, and @dennysdiner locations near you in 2024,” wrote the band, which recently announced a North American tour slated for next year, on Instagram.

The Denny’s footage comes just as Blink added two extra songs to new album One More Time on Friday (Oct. 27), which dropped last week and marked the band’s first LP with DeLonge as part of the lineup in over a decade. The new titles, both produced by Barker, are titled “Cut Me Off” and “See You.”

In addition to venues in the United States and Canada, Blink is slated to play shows in Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Mexico next year. After the trio’s dates in North America conclude with a performance in Toronto, they’ll head off to Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow.

See a clip from Blink-182’s Denny’s performance below:

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