DJ Vlad Says No Violence Has Occurred To Keefe D In Jail

There’s a midst of swirling rumors surrounding the incarceration of Keefe D. The rumors stem from his alleged involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur. One particular rumor ignited a firestorm on social media. Claims that Keefe D had been beaten up and stabbed in jail. However, TMZ exclusively reported that DJ Vlad was quick to dispel these allegations. Via a post on X, DJ Vlad took to social media to address the issue head-on. He began by stating, “There’s a rumor going around that Keefe D got beat up and stabbed in jail. I looked into it, and it doesn’t appear to be true.”

However, in response to DJ Vlad’s post, an X user offered their perspective on the situation. According to this individual, one of the rumors circulating suggested that Keefe D had been involved in two fights while incarcerated. “Allegedly, he was in 2 fights, one with a hoover and the other a crip according to some YouTuber,” the person said. Moreover, in reply to this, DJ Vlad made it clear that he had delved deeper into the matter, confirming his sources. “I’ve now talked to multiple people close to the situation, and they all said nothing has happened to him,” Vlad said.

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Keefe D Did Not Get Beaten Up

There’s a rumor going around that Keefe D got beat up and stabbed in jail. I looked into it and it doesn’t appear to be true.

— DJ Vlad (@djvlad) October 27, 2023

Furthermore, the rumors surrounding Keefe D’s alleged assault had spread like wildfire across social media. This caused considerable concern and speculation among fans and followers. DJ Vlad’s intervention offered a ray of clarity and assurance to those who had been following the story closely. His extensive contacts and reliable sources within the hip-hop community seemed to validate his denial of any such incident involving Keefe D.

As people may recall It’s understandable why rumors circulated that he was beat up in jail. In fact, just earlier this month a video clip circulated where he admitted he was afraid of jail for his comments on the murder of 2Pac. Apparently however, he has spoken openly about killing 2pac in previous interviews with Vlad. Although he’s been talking about it for years, Las Vegas police finally detained and arrested him on September 21. Currently, he’s in prison serving 28-years behind bars for voluntary manslaughter.

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