Jonathan Majors’ “Magazine Dreams” Has Release Date Scrapped By Disney

Magazine Dreams, an upcoming drama starring Jonathan Majors, will no longer be released on December 8. Speaking with CNN, Disney confirmed that the film did not currently have a release date. Searchlight Pictures, a subsidiary of Disney, acquired the distribution rights to the film after it opened to rave reviews at Sundance. Furthermore, Disney’s live-action Snow White film starring Rachel Zegler has been pushed back from March 2024 to March 2025.

However, the decision to delay Magazine Dreams was widely expected by industry experts. Majors’ trial for assault charges begins in late November. That makes early December an inopportune time to promote and release the film. Furthermore, the film features Majors as an amateur bodybuilder who resorts to increasingly violent means to pursue his dreams. Given the charges that Majors is facing in court, Disney would likely face backlash for being “tasteless” if they were to release the film. However, Majors still appeared in Season 2 of Loki, which was released earlier this month. Despite this, his future as Kang in the MCU is still unclear.

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Jonathan Majors Accuser Surrenders To Police

‘MAGAZINE DREAMS’ starring Jonathan Majors has been removed from the December 2023 calendar and has no release date.

The move was widely expected due to Majors’ legal troubles.

— The Hollywood Handle (@HollywoodHandle) October 27, 2023

Meanwhile, Grace Jabbari, the ex-girlfriend of Majors, surrendered to police in New York this week after her arrest was sought for an assault against Majors. Majors filed a cross-complaint against Jabbari in June amid an investigation into assault charges she filed against him in March. Jabbari is accused of hitting Majors’ hand and face, as well as damaging his coat. The confrontation reportedly occurred in the back of a New York cab.

Jabbari was charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief. However, the DA has reportedly told the NYPD that they will not prosecute Jabbari. Per TMZ, a spokesperson for the DA’s office said that they have “no intention of prosecuting Jabbari for the belated allegations made by defendant [Majors] regarding the incident on March 25, 2023.” In short, the DA is not interested in pursuing their key witness for charges their primary defendant raised three months after the incident in question. It’s unknown if Jabbari will testify at Majors’ trial next month.

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