Kodak Black Talks Presidential Pardon And Unreleased C-Murder Track On “Drink Champs”

Kodak Black is the latest music star to appear on Drink Champs, sitting down to discuss a wide range of topics. One of the things Black was eager to talk about was his love of Donald Trump. Trump pardoned Black before he left office in 2021. “I’m mafioso, bruh. He a Gemini just like me. His birthday three days after my sh-t. And that boy, he be vibing out here too [in Florida]”. Furthermore, Black said he wouldn’t hesitate to give Trump $1 million if the former President asked for it.

Furthermore, Black spoke on his unreleased collab with C-Murder, who has spent the last two decades in prison. “I done met them boys’ whole family and sh-t. And then bruh still f-cked with me even after Master P ain’t finish off what we was ‘bout to start.” Black said. Additionally, Black noted that his link to C-Murder led to his friendship with Monica. However, Black once again denied that he and Monica were dating, despite many rumors.

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Black Speaks On Being Pro-Label And PnB Rock

Meanwhile, Black also touched on his decision to remain with a label. However, he clarified that his stance doesn’t mean he entirely relies on the industry structure. “You need that machine, because I already do a whole lot of sh-t on my own anyway. So that [going independent] would just be a whole lot of more sh-t. I’m overly active. I beat my feet. I ain’t never had no manager or none of that sh-t. It’s just me and my people,” Black explained.

He also touched on his relationship with the late PnB Rock. “Long live PnB, dawg. I f-ck with PnB though, because he was fresh out around that time too, right? So both of us [were] just coming in and sh-t.” The pair had a string of collabs together, like “Horses” and “Day One” in 2017. You can watch the full Drink Champs episode at the link below.

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